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Rules of printed documents

This course is designed to teach about the basic typographic rules when creating attractive documents. Every day we create various documents which promote our businesses, products or even ourselves among the public. If we want to really catch the readers’ attention and keep the document nice looking, we need to follow the very basic typographic rules.

The world of media

If an organization or an entrepreneur wants to be successful in their business, they need to get the public on their side. Creating and keeping good relationships with the public is studied by the field called Public Relations (PR). Effective PR results, for example, in making a good image of the institution. This cannot be achieved without ongoing communication with the public. And if news reporting from mass media is currently one of the most reliable sources of information, then it shall also be the most effective way of informing the public.

Providing the public with your information or presenting yourself to the public through media is currently the most popular and frequent practice of PR. To make this as effective as possible, it is important to keep good relations with the news reporters and media in the long term. This in particular is studied by a part of PR called Media Relations.

This course is designed to teach about the basic principles of the successful activities in the field of Media Relations.

Syllabus of the course:

  1. Marketing communications and PR
  2. PR as the base for Media Relations
  3. Media Relations
  4. Who is who in the media
  5. Media in the Czech Republic and its characteristics
  6. DOs and DON’Ts in PR
  7. Crisis communication
  8. Ethical code in PR


This course is designed for the entrepreneurs who want to spread their marketing information among the customers with the highest possible effect.

Syllabus of the course:

  1. Marketing, media and communication
  2. The development of advertising
  3. How does an advertising work like?
  4. The kinds of advertisements
  5. Media in the advertising communication
  6. Advertisement and the audience
  7. Psychology of an advertisement
  8. How to prepare an advertising campaign?
  9. How to write an advertising text?
  10. Communication agencies
  11. New forms of advertisements
  12. Advertisement and the culture
  13. An effective advertisement (new findings)
  14. How to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement
  15. Legal issues and professional associations in advertising