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Products and services

  • Copywriting

    The right words are the bases of every successful selling material. We are ready to work with you on your advertising texts, websites, public releases, PR articles, catalogs as well as proposals for your mottos and brands. Members of our team are excellent writers of advertising texts who are capable of creating texts that will impact the readers and lead them to the desired actions.

    “A Copywriter is a Salesperson Behind a Typewriter” — Judith Charles

  • Language proofreading

    Some of our clients write dozens pages of text a day, others write only a few lines. They all however distribute their materials among the public and they want to be sure that the texts are free of any grammatical and stylistic mistakes. To save your time with proofreading, we are here to have your texts proofread by our detail-oriented linguists.

    Thanks to the affordable price, this service can be also used by students. We can help you with making your school projects linguistically perfect – be it seminar works, Bachelor or Master Theses or even your Dissertation and Doctor Theses – … the rest will be on you.

    More information about our language proofreading can be found on www.korektury.eu.

  • Preparation before printing

    Despite more and more materials being used only in digital format, there are still some that must be printed out – such as newspaper, magazines, catalogs or leaflets. The process of printing of these materials is highly specialized and combined with the necessary preparation it can seem too complicated for the customers.

    We offer managing all the processes for you. You would be saved from dealing with the graphic style, page layout and mainly the technical issues such as color space and the exact size of your document. We take care of it all. We take every action to turn your materials into perfect printings that you will love.

  • Printing

    We offer you a complex service which means that our job is not done with preparing your materials for printing. We offer a wide range of printing services with the number of copies you really need and the paper you prefer. We can print anything from business cards, newspapers and magazines to posters, catalogs and even the billboards. Our standard is high quality work for reasonable price – business cards samples.

  • Newspaper

    Have you always dreamt about publishing your own newspaper but don’t know how to? Corporate or municipal newspaper is a vital part of the healthy communication with your people and the public. You can rely on our long time experience in every step of creating your own newspaper or magazine - starting with professional trainings on how to write the articles all the way to the graphical layout and printing of your newspaper - sample.

  • School yearbooks

    School yearbooks are still not very often in the Czech Republic which is a pity. The yearbook offers not only a wonderful presentation of the schools accomplishments but also a memorable gift for every student. Using our experience, we are ready to prepare and also print professionally looking yearbooks for you. You can choose from a set of templates or we can work together to make it look just the way you desire – sample.

  • Annual reports

    An Annual report is usually a document that outlines a company’s business and shows its results during a certain period. Unlike in the past, it is no longer just an internal document but it became a vital mean of communication with the broader public, business partners and the public offices. Therefore its design really matters.

    Using your data and information, we are ready to prepare an attractive and professional report for you in a digital format as well as printed version.

  • Catalogs

    We can create a professional catalog for presentation of your products or services taking advantage of our long time experience. It is up to you whether you will decide for a printed or a computer version of the catalog.

  • Specialized courses and trainings

    Today, the importance of having enough relevant and correct information when running a business is bigger than ever. It is vital for everyday decision making as well as for knowing what is currently moving the world of business. There are many different ways how to get to this information and one of the best ones is to meet the professionals from the certain field. We can arrange meeting such professionals for you and your colleagues as a part of our trainings and courses.

  • Websites and online presentations

    Using our vast experience in this field, we offer you creating websites and online presentations that will be eye-catching and professional. We are here to help you in every step of creating an online presentation. Starting with the graphical layout and continuing with pages templates, filling in the information, finishing the overall presentation as well as long time administration – we are here for you.

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